viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Saving Lives and Improving Health with Better Supply Chains

Mr. Prashant Yadav
The improvement of  world health trough the improvement of supply chains was  the topic Mr Yadav talked about, in his semminary which took place some weeks ago in UPO University in Seville.

It exist many countries wich have the same gdp but with big differences about its  infant mortality, like India and Vietnam.

In the last times the investment in global health is extremly increasing, most of this money goes to medicines in developing countries.

It exist some causes which make inneficient the investment of money in that way:

  • The money comes late because it has aproved in senate
  • The delivery time is around 36 weeks
  • Weak distribution structure

But ¿what can we do?:

We can create some creative bridge financing solutions, like Donors---PG (pledge guarantee mechanism). Which consist in an special mechanism which make possible that this structure works.
Other problem about poor availability at health facility level is (previous problem was the financing stuff) related to the supply chain (about structures, points of access, etc...).

 ¿How can we facilitate more affordable  drugs and higher volumes ?

The answer comes trough methods like: reduce entry barriers to retail pharmacies which try to get in, desintermediation of the suply from manufacturers to retail, implementation of innovating models for trade credit, to seconde-tier pharmacies and drug shops, consolidation of the very fragmented distribution sector.

We hope that this improving is just the beginning of a new era in the international health situation, which will save millions of lives, most of them child's, who a lot of times have no chances to survive, because of matters that can be easily fixed. And also we gotta keep on moving in the battle with the pharmaceutic industry which try to make Africa their favorite market, using people who are suffering a lot of diseases, like HIV, dysentery, etc... in their own benefit.

Without a piece of humanity running trough their veins, they create and also use NGO's as a commercial prescribers and all kind of inhumanity actions, which take action in the continent which no one government in the world seems like be interested in actually save it.

Go for the world health improvement!

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